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Horrible Customer Experience Would like to make a comment in reference to the location on Bloor Street West. I have been a regular paying customer who frequently visits to purchase a coffee as i work locally. I walked in after a gentleman and because it was busy as it usally can be especially on the weekends, took note as i assumed i would be served after he was. I waited to be acknowleded as did the gentleman for almost 10 minuntes while other people who newly walked in were served. Not until a few woman were served who had just walked in directly between us did i look at the gentleman who looked as shocked as i was. I said quite loudly "i think he was next" To which an older lady with short hair, replied sarcastically and quite rudly from accross and down the counter "he can speak for himself" to which the gentleman didn't and possibly couldn't (foreign Language?) What i was expecting was instead an apology to the gentleman maybe something along the lines of "Sorry sir, how may i help you next?" I have been a paying customer for many many months and wanted to let other people know what type of service they could encounter there. The only reason a business exists is because of and for the customer and Sweet Gallery on Bloor has somehow forgotten that.

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